Fabio & Pepe
Fabio and Pepe at Aquatica Orlando
Vital statistics
Position Son of Betsy and Pancho, father of Ringer's 2007 calf via AI
Age 23
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Not publicly stated
Weight Not publicly stated

Pepe was born to Betsy and Pancho on May 23, 1993 at SeaWorld San Diego. Pepe was transferred to SeaWorld Aurora on May 4, 1996. On February 18, 2001, all dolphins alive at SeaWorld Aurora (including orcas, bottlenose dolphins, and Commerson's dolphins) were sent to the other parks. Pepe, Fabio, Cookie, and a young male with an unknown name returned to their place of birth, SeaWorld San Diego. On June 30, 2007, Pepe sired a calf to Ringer via artificial insemination, this was the first calf conceived and successfully born via AI. The calf, however, died at 3-days-old. On January 28, 2008, Pepe went with his half-brother Ross and unrelated males Fabio and Keebler to Aquatica Orlando. Today, he lives with Juan, Ringer, and Ross.